About Us


Natural Clothing (also known as Schmidt Natural Clothing) was set up in the mid 1980's, growing from a buyer's co-op into a mail order company. Now in its 3rd incarnation, it is run by a small team in East Sussex. We have a deep passion for natural materials, as when we became parents we wanted more than ever to avoid the use of unnatural fibres for our children (and ourselves). This spread to a desire to banish as much as possible all unnatural elements from our lives in general. All of our products are made of natural materials and, apart from a very few items (where stated), exclusively all of our wools and cottons are organic, certified to the highest organic certification possible - usually demeter (see www.demeter.net) or Naturtextil or GOTS. Each of our product pages explains in detail about the fabrics used. 


A lot of our products such as wool and silk need to be protected in some kind of airtight packaging. Our suppliers choose to do this in plastic in most cases. This is something that we are not completely happy about, but until a better solution comes along, we have no alternative but to use what they send us. We consciously try to reduce as much as possible our impact on the environment and re-use or recycle as much packaging as we can - well in fact all of it actually! For this reason, occasionally we might send you your purchases in re-used packaging, and we hope that you sympathise with our reasons for doing so. This not only means that we keep materials such as plastic from going into the recycling chain (which uses up a lot of resources and is in itself a debatable issue), and we don't throw any packaging into landfill that can still be used, but it also helps us to keep our costs down - savings that we pass on to you by keeping P&P costs as low as they can be. 

If you are able to, we strongly encourage you to continue re-using any packaging you receive from us. If you are not able to do so, then as an alternative to recycling (or worst case, throwing into landfill), why not send it back to us? We will gladly continue to re-use what we can, and responsibly recycle what we cannot on your behalf. 

We do not buy any plastic packaging ourselves and only use biodegradable mailing bags when not re-using or recycling.