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Welcome to Natural Clothing

Our ethos is simple. It is to offer you a range of natural clothing and products for babies and children which are best for temperature control, best for their skin, and best for our environment.

Our clothing is designed to fit well while allowing you unrestricted movement, making it very comfortable to wear. Newcomers often remark at how wonderful it feels to put on an organic cotton vest, or how delighted they are with their merino wool long johns in conditions of extreme temperature or dampness.

We trust in the way nature provides materials which are suitable for keeping us comfortable, letting the skin breathe, and giving a sense of well being. Our clothing is made without chemical treatments from organically grown cotton, merino wool, and silk. Pesticides, defoliants, sheep dips, and ‘easy care’ treatments against shrinkage or wrinkling can react unfavourably with sensitive skin or even promote allergy. We do not allow these ingredients in the clothing we provide. Much of our clothing is uncoloured or obtains its natural colour from the grown fibre. And when used, dyes are strictly non-Azo, non-heavy metal, and low impact reactive dyes.


All of our clothing is grown and manufactured with care and the environment in mind. Our suppliers actively encourage Organic and Biodynamic farms, and Fair Trade guidelines are strictly adhered to. Many articles in our range support new sustainable enterprises in developing countries, or empower small local producers. None is imported from countries where production methods cannot be controlled, or employing child labour practices.


These days there is a trend for large chains and even supermarkets trying to cash in on the organic movement, offering cheaper organic cotton clothing. Don't be fooled! In every case, the cotton may be grown organically but is in no way guaranteed to be fair trade, it could be grown by exploited workers being forced to work in poor conditions, and when harvested it then undergoes a series of chemical treatments, including bleaching, chemical dyeing, conditioning, and finally being treated with a dose of formaldehyde for long shelf life! These chemicals leech deep into the fibres and take many washes with strong detergents to be fully eliminated.

All of the above processes are strictly banned in all of our products. The simple test is to look at any of our undyed cotton items and see and smell the difference, it'll be a rich creamy colour rather than bright white and have a lush, warm, natural fibre smell.