Disana Babies Hooded Snuggle Suit in 100% Felted Organic Merino Wool

Natural Clothing Trading Ltd



Fantastic design, beautifully styled and just what is needed to keep babies warm and snug for those cold winter days outdoors. The material is soft and allows good freedom of movement. Naturally felted wool is virtually waterproof due to the microscopic air spaces between the fibres, each of which is individually enveloped in its own natural lanolin. Fold-over cuffs at hands and feet keep out wind and rain. Natural tagua-nut buttons down the front. All pure 100% chemical-free. Boiled wool can normally stay clean by shaking out or gentle brushing, and hanging in the fresh air. It is also fine to launder, hand-wash cycle recommended.

Sizing Guide:

Disana are well known for being quite over sized. Please do not order a size up unless your child is unusually big! This will prevent unnecessary returns and exchanges - thank you!