Disana Boiled Wool Jacket - Felted Merino Winter Coat For Baby and Child

Natural Clothing Trading Ltd



Soft and warm boiled wool jacket with a roomy hood and big pockets to carry all those important things -- children love it! Our warmest coat for cold wet autumn and winters, this jacket protects well against wind and has been tested in heavy rain -- remarkably waterproof yet still breathable! Disana have created a highly thermal insulated fabric with lots of air pockets trapped in the boiled wool, which still remains light and soft - it has to be seen (and smelled) to be believed!

Please note: Most of these are the new style jackets with the longer back and cotton lined hood and shoulders. A few, however are the older ones which are unlined and without the longer back, hence the sale price... they are still a great bargain, and protect adequately from the cold, wind and rain!

Natural tagua-nut buttons, no chemical finishes or waterproofing added. Rarely need washing as dirt brushes off easily, but handwash or wool cycle recommended. Benefits from occasional lanolin treatment. 

Sizing Guide:

Disana are well known for being quite over sized. Please do not order a size up unless your child is unusually big! This will prevent unnecessary returns and exchanges - thank you!