Organic Wool Duvet

Natural Clothing Trading Ltd


We have a special limited supply of the most luxurious wool duvets that money can buy!

These are simply the best duvets. If you have been looking for a duvet that will keep you warm in the coldest months, yet feels cool and airy in warmer weather, all in fluffy Demeter organic wool cased in the highest quality organic cotton, you have come to the right place.

The duvet is filled with pure Organically Farmed Wool which naturally resists dust mites and other pathogens found in the home. The casing is made of 100% Organically Grown Cotton which is undyed, unbleached, and untreated, thereby eliminating completely any possibility of skin irritation due to chemical finishes. It is also free of formaldehyde, which has been shown to cumulatively heighten skin sensitivity.

The case has evenly spread pockets so there will be no thin areas, no cold spots. And you can breathe free knowing there have been no pesticides or chemicals used in the manufacture and finishing of the product.

If your home is particularly cold, the duvets are stack-able with integral fastening ties, so you can create an immensely warm Superduvet at 17 Tog !

Rather than washing this duvet, we recommend airing it regularly to maintain freshness. Organic, untreated wool is naturally untibacterial so doesn't tend to gather odours or dirt. If you wish however it may be handwashed in a bathtub and hung to dry. Remember to use wool-safe soap.

Approximate Tog ratings -- Light-weight: 6 Tog,  Heavy-weight: 11 Tog